We are mainly focused on the fields of capturing and utilising carbon dioxide waste emitted from energy-intensive industries.

Our research interests include:

  • Electrochemical conversion of CO2 to produce value-added products
  • Electro-catalysts design and development
  • CO2 capture techniques and process integration
  • Electrode structure design and optimisation
  • CO2 electrolyser development and optimisation
  • Industrial carbon footprint mapping and modelling
  • Techno-economic feasibility analysis for CO2 capture and utilisation technologies.


8. RRDE-3A Rotating Ring Disk Electrode Apparatus

RRDE-3A Rotating Ring Disk Electrode ApparatusIt is a miniature rotator system for uniform rotation and hydrodynamic techniques using rotating ring disk electrode and has applications in electrochemistry field. Several features of this apparatus are as follows:

  • Remote and manual controlled rotation
  • Quasi-oxygen free glass cell design (up to 100 mL)
  • Gas line connector is available
  • Teflon Cap is adapted for ALS reference and counter electrodes
  • Cell lead connects directly to Model 2325 and CHI potentiostats
  • Open architecture for easy access to cell