Alumni and community

People make a university great - and many of them are alumni.

The relationships forged at university are among life's most satisfying, and there are many rewarding opportunities to contribute to UQ's future and to the experience of students who follow in your footsteps. As we strive to be the national leader in engineering, architecture, and information technology and thus make a greater difference to the world around us, it is your support that will help us drive this.

Your involvement – whether it is through philanthropic giving, time, or advice - matters, and is valued. To visit the EAIT Faculty's alumni, community and industry page.

Mentoring Opportunities

The EAIT Industry Mentoring program is an exciting and pioneering initiative for third-year students and graduates of more than ten years in Chemical Engineering, at The University of Queensland, Brisbane.

The program aims to connect third-year chemical engineering students with established chemical engineering alumni and help them feel motivated, encouraged, empowered, and transformed as the next generation of professional engineers entering the industry.

Participating students are linked with mentors based on their shared interests and area of specialty.

The program will assist with students' career development and transition from university into the workforce, and engage business professionals in a mutually beneficial partnership.

Visit the Industry Mentoring Program for more information.