Our primary research fields are high temperature processing, bridging the gap between the fundamental study and industrial application for pyrometallurgical production and refining of metals.

Our research interests include:

  • Thermodynamic and phase equilibria of metallurgical slags
  • Physiochemical properties of high temperature melts, e.g. viscosity, thermal and electrical conductivity, density
  • Fluid dynamics of bath smelting techniques
  • Development of advanced refractories
  • Secondary steel refining and inclusion control
  • Microalloyed and oxide metallurgy of advanced steels

Experimental Facilities and thermodynamic software

5. FEI Scios FIB - Dual Beam SEM

FEI Scios FIB - Dual Beam SEMThe FEI Scios Dual Beam system is a combination of two systems: a Scanning Electron Microscope (SEM) and a Focused Ion Beam (FIB) system. While the SEM produces high resolution images of a variety of specimens in a digital format, the FIB is capable of fast and precise site-specific milling of the specimen material, revealing the structure under the surface layer, making cross sections, deposition layers, etc. The integration of both systems yields a powerful analytical tool which delivers outstanding 2D and 3D performance for a broad range of applications.

The SCIOS is equipped with three in-lens/column SE/BSE detectors, Everhart-Thornley SE detector, ICE detector (secondary electrons and ions), retractable segmented under lens BSE detector, and STEM retractable segmented detector (BF, DF, HADF, HAADF). An Oxford Instruments AZtec integrated EDS-EBSD system is installed for elemental composition and crystal structure characterizations.

The system also offers a package of software applications for automated sequential mill and acquire of series of slice images and EDS (chemical maps)/EBSD (texture or orientation maps) maps and subsequent 3D reconstruction.

FEI Scios FIB - Dual Beam SEM