Our primary research fields are high temperature processing, bridging the gap between the fundamental study and industrial application for pyrometallurgical production and refining of metals.

Our research interests include:

  • Thermodynamic and phase equilibria of metallurgical slags
  • Physiochemical properties of high temperature melts, e.g. viscosity, thermal and electrical conductivity, density
  • Fluid dynamics of bath smelting techniques
  • Development of advanced refractories
  • Secondary steel refining and inclusion control
  • Microalloyed and oxide metallurgy of advanced steels

Experimental Facilities and thermodynamic software


Analytical facility

JEOL JXA-8200 EPMAElectron Probe X-ray Microanalyser (EPMA) is a high accuracy analytical instrument to measure elemental compositions. It uses a conventional W electron source, has five high resolution WD spectrometers and one ED spectrometer for X-ray analysis.

Low atomic number elements such as Boron, Carbon and Oxygen may be measured with synthetic multi-layer crystals that produce a much greater signal intensity than conventional X-ray detectors. The probe stage has a permanently mounted Taylor Standard Reference block for accurate calibration.