Our primary research fields are Advanced Forming Mechanics Groups, providing fundamental and practical insight and control of highly nonlinear plastic deformation processes to produce many everyday products from sheet metal.

Our research interests include:

  • Finite Element modelling techniques
  • Sheet metal forming techniques includes roll forming, millipede forming, incremental sheet forming and Chain-die forming
  • Elastic - plastic theory and experiments
  • Digital image correlation (DIC)
  • Non-linear dynamics, vibrations, controls, rolling contact, elastoplastic and wear phenomena, with applications to manufacturing, mining, railway, spacecraft and biomedical systems

Experimental facilities

5. VIVID 9i 3D Laser Scanner

VIVID 9i 3D Laser Scanner
VIVID 9i 3D Laser Scanner

The VIVID 9i uses a new hardware design and an improved measurement algorithm to provide 4x the measurement accuracy than that of our previous models (to 50┬Ám), enabling 3D measurement of automobile parts and other objects formed by casting, pressing, molding, etc.

The VIVID 9i can be used for reverse engineering to reflect the shape and dimension data of mock-ups or prototypes in design drawings, or for checking part shape, checking molds, inspecting quality, etc. in prototype-production or mass-production processes.