Leadership team



NameUQ School AffiliationTopic
Mr Lee BurnsSchool of Chemical EngineeringReactive extrusion of modified starch
Mr Madan Kumar ChapagaiSchool of Agriculture and Food InnovationCharacterisation of modified starch materials for mineral flotation
Mr Aidan ChinSchool of Agriculture and Food InnovationOrganic wastes for enhanced crop production
Ms Hima HaridevanAustralian Institute for Bioengineering and NanotechnologySustainable Building Blocks using polyurethane foams from environment-friendly sources
Mr Sam LawlesSchool of Chemical EngineeringNovel PHA based materials
Mr Gabriel Luiz Lopes FragaSchool of Chemical EngineeringThermo-chemical conversion of biomass for the production of fuels and chemicals
Ms Jingjing MaiSchool of Chemical EngineeringChemical synthesis and characterization of PHA block copolymer based on diisocyanate chemistry
Ms Sajna ManojSchool of Chemical EngineeringDrivers and barriers for commercial applications of waste derived diesel
Ms Tracey ReadSchool of Chemical EngineeringFactors affecting biopolymer biodegradation in the environment
Ms Samira SiyamakSchool of Chemical EngineeringFunctional starch-based hydrogels: Renewable material solutions for wastewater and agriculture industries
Mr Armin SolemanifarSchool of Chemical EngineeringMicrobial Nanowires
Ms Yue YuanSchool of Chemical EngineeringCharacterization and modelling the slow release performances of Pimelea plants derived-natural toxins from biodegradable polyester based-biocomposites in a rumen environment
Mr Tianlong ZhangSchool of Chemical EngineeringNumerical study of CNG, H2 and Diesel blends