Researcher biography

Professor Darren Martin is the Chief Scientific Officer for start-up company TenasiTech Pty Ltd, which is commercialising a polymer nanocomposites platform as applied to large polyurethane and acrylic polymer markets and applications. TenasiTech is the first Queensland start-up to receive Commercialisation Australia funding; has won the prestigious iLab Prize in the national Enterprize Competition; and received the 2010 UQ EAIT Commercialisation award. Professor Martin’s research operates at the nexus of three key themes; (1) Strong fundamental materials science with global benchmarking; (2) Safe biomaterials and nanomaterials; (3) Scalable advanced manufacturing. His efforts in these areas during the past two decades have contributed to two successful start-ups, numerous products and a strong platform for globally competitive nanocomposites innovation.

International links

Professor Martin’s international collaborators include Pennsylvania State University; Purdue University, US; Queen’s University Belfast, UK; Institut national des sciences appliquées de Lyon, France; and the University of Padova, Italy. He also has several materials co-development projects and collaborations with companies such as Cochlear Ltd, Aortech Biomaterials, and several others in North America, Europe and Asia.

Memberships, patents and funding

Professor Martin has been the recipient of three Australian Research Council (ARC) Discovery Grants and has secured more than $9 million in research and commercialisation funding since 1999. He has two granted patents and two provisional patents in these areas. He is working with Australian regulators such as NICNAS and WorkSafe Australia on policy for nanomaterials/nanocomposites safety and occupational hygiene. Professor Martin is a member of the Engineers Australia Nanoengineering panel and has presented more than 10 keynotes or invited lectures. During the past five years a large proportion of his research funding has been derived from the private sector.