Professor Han Huang is a world leading expert in machining, manufacturing and materials mechanics and has a wealth of experience in materials properties characterization in micro and nano scale.

He is currently leading a diverse and strong research team of 8 PhD students and 4 postdoctoral fellows; the research programmes of the team are largely concerned with manufacturing and characterization of advanced materials.

The group has recently established a new AM Laboratory, which houses a DTM2500 Plus SLS, a desktop Sharebot SLS system and a customised SLM (selective laser melting) system for studying laser melting of metal and ceramic powders. The group also has a world-class laboratory that are dedicated to materials preparation, mechanical testing and surface characterization.


7. OKAMOTO Ultra Precision Profile Grinder (UPZ315Li)

OKAMOTO Ultra Precision Profile Grinder (UPZ315Li)Ultra-precise high speed grinding allows for the efficient material-removal of a new class of emerging materials previously considered too brittle to machine. These include advanced ceramics, composites, and thin-film multilayers. The first installation of its kind in Australia; the UPZ315Li provides 0.1 µm precision numerical control in X, Y and Z axes whilst outputting a maximum spindle speed of 20,000 RPM.

A 100 meter/min table speed allows for greater material removal rates, made possible through an advanced lubrication system. Comprehensive grinding force analysis is facilitated by a Kistler 9257B Dynamometer, providing high-resolution measurement of force applied to the work piece in X, Y and Z axes.