Professor Han Huang is a world leading expert in machining, manufacturing and materials mechanics and has a wealth of experience in materials properties characterization in micro and nano scale.

He is currently leading a diverse and strong research team of 8 PhD students and 4 postdoctoral fellows; the research programmes of the team are largely concerned with manufacturing and characterization of advanced materials.

The group has recently established a new AM Laboratory, which houses a DTM2500 Plus SLS, a desktop Sharebot SLS system and a customised SLM (selective laser melting) system for studying laser melting of metal and ceramic powders. The group also has a world-class laboratory that are dedicated to materials preparation, mechanical testing and surface characterization.


5. DTM Sinterstation 2500 Plus Selective Laser Sintering (SLS) System

DTM Sinterstation 2500 Plus Selective Laser Sintering (SLS) SystemThe Sinterstation 2500+ SLS system uses a 100 w carbon dioxide laser to fuse particles of polymers, metals and ceramics in order to construct complex solid three-dimensional part layer-by-layer.

The SLS system produces complex plastic prototypes and end-use parts directly from 3D CAD data files, eliminating the need for machining, tooling and other post-processes.

For more information visit theĀ 3D system website.