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News and Past Events

January 21st, 2022: In collaboration with Assistant Professor Hon Fai Chan, Mark recieved a SPARC collaboration grant from the Chinese University of Hong Kong on 'Mechanicaly Programmable Cell Culture Platforms for Cell and Tissue Modelling.'
November 15th-19th, 2021: Cody, Sabrina, and Mark delivered oral presentations virtually at TERMIS-WC. BMSE Lab members were honored to recieve 4 oral presentations out of 4 abstract submissions! A perfect record!
  • Cody in When biofabrication meets bioreactors: implementing construct maturation and functional tissue culture 
  • Sabrina in Biomechanics of 3D (Bio)printed Materials
  • Mark in Frontiers of Bioprocessing and Automation in Tissue Engineering & Regenerative Medicine (keynote) and Advanced Spatiotemporal Imaging for Regenerative Medicine (chair)

October 26th, 2021: Mark delivered a pre-recorded talk at the Effective Altruism UQ event Alternative Meats at 6pm.

October 22nd, 2021: Mark delivered an invited talk at the Queensland Cardiovascular Research Network (QCVRN) at 4:15pm.

September 29th, 2021: Mark's paper 'A spatiotemporal microenvironment model to improve design of a three-dimensional bioreactor for red cell production' has been published in Tissue Engineering Part A  (led by Prof Sakis Mantalaris, Georgia Tech).

September 28th, 2021: Sabrina and Trent presented their PhD projects at the International Society of Biofabrication Conference! Sabrina presented 'Numerical and Experimental Platform for the Characterisation of Patient Specific Small-Diameter Vascular Graft Anastomoses for Translation to Tissue Engineering' and Trent presented 'Towards Patient-Specific Vascular Stents: Additive Manufacturing of Poly(ɛ-Caprolactone) Mechanically Enhanced with Graphene Oxide'.

September 25th, 2021: Cody's preprint 'Bio-hybrid soft robotic bioreactors for mimicking multi-axial femoropopliteal artery mechanobiology' is online at bioRxiv  (collaboration with Prof Mia Woodruff, QUT).

September 24th, 2021: Matt's paper developing 'A quantitative analysis of cell bridging kinetics on a scaffold using computer vision algorithms' has been published in Acta Biomaterialia (led by Prof Mia Woodruff, QUT).

September 5th, 2021: Habib's paper reviewing 'The effects of COVID-19 on the placenta during pregnancy' has been published in Frontiers in Immunology (led by Dr Arutha Kulasinghe, UQ).

August 18th, 2021: Mark was awarded a DECRA entitled 'Engineering tissue organisation using intelligent additive biomanufacturing' which will run from March 2022 through 2025. 

August 5th, 2021: Mark welcomed his first child into the world, Giulia Letizia Allenby! Bring on the sleepless nights!

August 3rd, 2021: Alex's paper on 'Model-based data analysis of tissue growth in thin 3D printed scaffolds' has been published in the Journal of Theoretical Biology (led by Prof Matthew Simpson, QUT).

July 20th, 2021: Maureen's paper using 'Using melt-electrowritten microfibres for tailoring scaffold mechanics of 3D bioprinted chondrocyte-laden constructs' has been published in Bioprinting (led by Prof Mia Woodruff, QUT)

July 10th, 2021: Jared's paper on 'A deep learning method for automatic segmentation of the bony orbit in MRI and CT images' has been published in Scientific Reports (led by Dr. David Alonso-Caneiro, QUT)

July 5th, 2021: The BMSE Lab started at UQ!