The UQ Hydrometallurgy Research Group maintains a portfolio of fundamental and applied research across a range of hydrometallurgical processes relevant to industry sectors including base metals, precious metals and Bayer alumina processing.

Currently projects are focused on key aspects of processing, including leaching metal-bearing materials, ion exchange and membrane separations, as well as precipitation from aqueous solutions. The hydrometallurgy group is part of a holistic extractive metallurgy program and maintains close interaction with pyrometallurgists and mineral processors to improve process routes for metal extraction and product recovery.

Research Staff

Associate Professor James Vaughan
Phone: +61 7 3365 3850

Professor Peter Hayes

Dr Hong (Marco) Peng
Advance Queensland Research Fellow

Dr. Ummul Sultana
Postdoctoral Research Fellow

Industry Fellows

Dr John Vogrin - Zeotech

Mrs Jenni Cox - Zeotech

Research Scholars

Professional Staff