Functional Materials Engineering Lab

In the functional materials engineering lab, we combine materials science, engineering and data science to offer practical solutions to real world challenges.​

​We strive to engineer at the interface between metal-organic microporous materials, polymers and biomaterials for applications in energy, biocatalysis, resource and membrane separation.

Meet the team

Dr Jingwei Hou

Senior Lecturer
ARC Future Fellow

Professor Vicki Chen FTSE

School of Chemical Engineering

Our researchers

Rijia Lin
Research Fellow
Focus: Nanocomposite membrane separation and conversion
Milton Chai
Postdoctoral Research Fellow
Focus: Ionic separation and biocatalysis
Muhammad Yazid Bin Zulkifli
PhD candidate
Focus: Nanocomposite membrane for gas separation processes
Jaeho Lee
PhD candidate
Focus: Nanocomposite metal organic framework glasses
Wengang Huang
PhD candidate
Focus: Photocatalysis-biocatalysis coupled process for carbon capture and conversion
Wupeng Wang
PhD candidate
Focus: Microporous materials for energy storage
Xuemei Li
PhD candidate
Focus: Metal-organic frameworks and perovskites composite materials: preparation, design and application
Kun Su
PhD candidate
Focus: microporous materials
Yuelei Chen
Summer student
Focus: Nanocomposite electrode materials



journal cover


ABC News | Composite glass breakthrough by Queensland researchers could help make phone screens 'unbreakable'

UQ Researchers have developed a composite glass that is practically unbreakable

COSMO Magazine | Cracking the code of unbreakable phone screens

Perovskite breakthrough could make tougher phone screens and more efficient solar panels.

South China Morning Post | Inventors of unbreakable glass with high image quality for devices say it may change vision of the future

27 researchers from around the world report new composite glass from zinc minerals and nanocrystal can be made into a self-illuminating, antibacterial display

Auspreneur | Compound glass-Queensland researchers could help make phone screen 'unbreakable'

A group of researchers at the University of Queensland develop a composite glass that is nearly unbreakable. 

7 News | Cracking the code of unbreakable phone screens


Yuqi Yao
Master student
Haimin Xu
Masters student

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