Researcher biography

Dr Mark C Allenby leads the BioMimetic Systems Engineering (BMSE) Lab. In the BMSE Lab, we combine Tissue Engineering, Biomedical Image Analysis, and Computational Biology to study and solve biological and medical problems using biomimetic systems. Initially, we will focus on Blood Vessels and Vascularised Systems as these are the essential building blocks of mass transport in functional tissue. Our work aligns with chemical engineering fundamentals and clinical collaborators in vascular surgery, neurosurgery, and radiology. Our systems engineering approaches allow us to examine, model, engineer, optimise, control, scale, and automate dynamic systems of several entities such as multi-cellular tissues or cell-material and cell-fluid systems.

Mark is a Senior Lecturer in Biomedical Engineering (2021-ongoing) and an ARC DECRA Fellow (2022-2025) within UQ's School of Chemical Engineering. Mark is also an Advance Queensland Fellow (2019-2022) and Adjunct Senior Lecturer at QUT. Mark has principally supervised 3 PhDs and 2 MPhil/RAs, co-supervised 7 PhDs, and has been awarded over $2M of funding as chief investigator across 17 competitive funding rounds in 3 years. Mark received a PhD and MSc in chemical engineering from Imperial College London, UK and dual bachelors degrees in mathematics and chemistry from Pepperdine University, USA. Mark's background includes the engineering of dynamic stem cell bioreactors for tissue biomanufacturing, automated signal and image processing for tissue diagnostics, and model-based optimisation and control of 4D cell systems.

Our BMSE Lab is always looking for excellent Postdoc and PhD candidates. We would invite interested PhD candidates to consider applying with us to the UQ Annual PhD Scholarship Round. We are always recruiting masters and undergraduate thesis project students, with advertisements on the EAIT Projects webpage. Interested candidates are encouraged to email Mark now.