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Dr Mark C Allenby, Senior Lecturer in Biomedical Engineering

Mark leads the BioMimetic Systems Engineering (BMSE) Lab and is a Senior Lecturer in UQ's School of Chemical Engineering. Mark is a future ARC DECRA Fellow (2022-2025), an Advance Queensland Fellow (2019-2022) and an Adjunct Senior Lecturer at QUT. Mark has principally supervised 3 PhDs and 2 MPhil/RAs, co-supervised 7 PhDs and has been awarded more than $2M of funding as chief investigator across 17 competitive funding rounds in 3 years. Mark received a PhD and MSc in chemical engineering from Imperial College London, UK and has undergraduate degrees in mathematics and chemistry from Pepperdine University, USA. Mark's background includes the engineering of dynamic stem cell bioreactors for tissue biomanufacturing, automated signal and image processing for tissue diagnostics, and model-based optimisation and control of 4D cell systems.

Email: m.allenby@uq.edu.au

Ms Sabrina Schoenborn, 2nd Year PhD Student

Sabrina is a second-year PhD Student at the UQ BioMimetic Systems Engineering (BMSE) Lab and focuses her research on the numerical and experimental characterisation of lower peripheral arteries and vascular graft anastomoses. During her work, Sabrina utilises numerical simulations (FEA, CFD, FSI), computer-aided design (CAD), additive manufacturing (3D printing), medical image segmentation, and plastics and silicone processing to create and validate patient-specific vascular models. She received her Bachelor of Science (Mechanical Engineering) and Master of Science (Plastics and Textile Technology) from RWTH Aachen University in Aachen, Germany and has made the biomedical application of mechanical, textile, and plastics engineering methods the main focus of her work and studies. Her passion is creating real-world impact with medical engineering to improve patient outcomes via science communication and translational research.

Email: s.schoenborn@uq.edu.au

Mr Mitchell Johnson, 1st Year MPhil Student

Mitchell is a first-year MPhil Student at the UQ BioMimetic Systems Engineering (BMSE) Lab and focuses on computational methods to identify, locate, and morphologically analyse Unruptured Intracranial Aneurysms (UIAs). His work focuses on MRA-TOF imagery, voxel visualisation tooling, mesh analysis, and ways to apply deep learning and traditional image analysis techniques towards detection and rupture prediction. He is passionate about using deep learning to produce medical assistance systems that will save lives. Mitchell’s project focuses on using deep learning and traditional image analysis (combined with computational mesh analysis techniques) to understand the ways in which aneurysms can be detected within MRA-TOF imagery. He is working towards a cross-platform 3D voxel annotation system, algorithms for automated aneurysm identification, segmentation, and structure analysis, and an open dataset of aneurysm data for other researchers to use.

Email: mitchell.johnson@uq.edu.au

Mitchell, Mark, and Sabrina catching a beer after a first week at UQ!
Sabrina, Cody, Trent, and Mark after winning the Bionics Queensland Accelerator Grand Challenge (2020)