UQ Hosts Nobel Laureate: Pioneering the Future of Functional Materials

21 Aug 2023

The University of Queensland had the privilege of hosting Professor Sir Konstantin Novoselov, a Nobel Laureate whose work has been at the forefront of material science innovation.

Speaking to staff and students, Professor Novoselov delivered a captivating exploration of graphene, a remarkable material composed of a single layer of carbon atoms arranged in a honeycomb lattice.

Despite its simplicity, graphene boasts an array of exceptional properties, including supreme thermal and electrical conductivity, flexibility, and strength.

These attributes have opened up a plethora of applications across various domains, from optoelectronics and senses, to composites and energy storage.

Professor Sir Konstantin Novoselov at UQ

In his engaging talk, Professor Novoselov highlighted the pivotal shift in material science towards functional, intelligent materials.

Unlike conventional materials that require external systems for functionality, these new materials are designed to possess inherent, programmable responses to specific stimuli.

This revolutionary concept, akin to the adaptability found in biological systems, promises to reshape the landscape of technology and industry.

The integration of functional, intelligent materials promises to revolutionise various fields, from drug delivery to self-healing alloys, and research endeavours at The University of Queensland, alongside collaborative efforts with international partners, aim to harness the capabilities of these materials.

The seminar was hosted by UQ’s Dow Centre for Sustainable Engineering Innovation at the School of Chemical Engineering.