The UQ r!sk research group is developing new tools and techniques to allow effective risk-based performance optimisation in the hazardous industries, distinct from the more prevalent loss prevention approaches currently in use.


Developing a Five Year Plan for the Primary Industries Health and Safety Program

  • Lilburne, C.M., Hassall, M.E., Bofinger, C., Harris, J., Harpur, P.
  • Commissioned by the Rural Industries Research Development Corporation

Implementing CCMP to control fatality risks in Yancoal

  • Hassall, M.E.
  • Commissioned by Yancoal

Mine tyre fatality critical control management analysis: Report on Process and Findings

  • Hassall, M.E., & Boyle, M.
  • Commissioned by the Minerals Council of Australia
  • Publications
    • MCA Report under review.

Rio Tinto vehicles and driving risk: Review of Incidents and Risk Controls for Critical Learning Project

  • Hassall, M.E.,
  • Commissioned by Rio Tinto


Effective and efficient implementation of Critical Control Management in the Australian coal mining industry by 2020

  • Hassall, M. E., & Joy, J.
  • ACARP report C24006.

Selection and optimisation of risk controls

  • Hassall, M. E., Joy, J., Doran, C., & Punch, M.
  • ACARP report C23007.

Unravelling STEM perceptions of nuclear energy

  • Hassall, M.E., Ashworth, P.


Vehicles and driving in-pit risk control analysis

  • Hassall, M.
  • Commissioned by Rio Tinto.

Cognitive work analysis and defence futures

  • Sanderson, P., & Hassall, M.
  • DSTO Research Agreement 2014/1192983/1; MyIP 5349.